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Medusa IV by Aisii

This picture is part of the "Medusa" series, which is altogether absolutely gorgeous.

The series is an ode to contrasts.

The contrast between attractive and repelling is evident when you put together a beautiful model with snakes. I am sure that several people find snakes attractive and, to be honest, they are extremely interesting in many ways, but the general feeling evoked by snakes is repulsion.

The contrast between hot and cold, between the warm color of the skin and the cold color of the snakes on the head of the model.

This picture is particularly interesting because it shows Medusa in a predator posture, which is not similar in the other shots of the series and which, to me, add a lot of impact to this particular one. Showing the model completely centered gives the feeling of being cornered.

The only caveat I see is the green make-up on the forehead. I cannot really understand what it is supposed to be and would have been curious to see a similar picture with a darker forehead.

Altogether, again, a fantastic shot in a very impressive series !
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